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Wedding Series: Wedding Bouquet Edition

The bride’s wedding bouquet is probably one of the most looked at floral pieces on the wedding day. After all, the bride is holding it with her front and center down the aisle. Too big, and the bouquet takes away from the wedding dress. Too small, and the bouquet doesn’t send a large enough statement. There’s a fine balance between finding the right size for the bouquet to compliment the bride and her wedding dress and making sure that the bouquet itself stands on its own.

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Wedding Series

With wedding season in full swing, we thought we would create a series of blog posts dedicated to giving inspiration to all of the lovely engaged couples that are getting married this year. We’ll be looking back at some of our favorite wedding florals and decorations that we’ve created for our couples over the years. Each Monday, we’ll be posting a different series, highlighting bouquets, backdrops, centerpieces, and more!

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